Does Font Selection Really Matter?

As one of the premier printers in NH, The Print Factory has seen its share of questions and challenges.  One of the greatest, and most frequent, obstacles we’ve seen from business owners is around font selection.  When trying to promote or create a piece of artwork, choosing the incorrect font can be devastating to your intended purpose.  This statement goes not only for printed artwork but digital as well. Although typography is a course of itself, here’s a quick overview to get your message off on the right foot.



One of the oldest and most common types of fonts is called serif.  A serif is the small line attached to the end of a letter.  For example, two of the most popular fonts are Times New Roman and Garamond.  These go-to fonts fall into the serif category.  Serif fonts are best used with larger blocks of text, like novels.  Because they help keep the eye focused on a line of text, quicker reading and better understanding can happen with serif typefaces. 

However, serif lettering also comes with a bit of history.  As one of the oldest fonts, serif lettering can give a reader distinct feelings of elegance, confidence, and trustworthiness.  Thus, when a company is trying to brand itself or send a message through media, choosing a serif font can help establish a more serious tone if that is what is desired.  Often used for legal practices, editorials, and insurance companies, serifs can also be seen in recent day names such as Coach, T-Mobile, and Vogue.



On the opposite end, you have sans-serif typefaces.  If you didn’t guess, a sans-serif is a letter or symbol that does not include the extra embellishment.  For example, Arial and Lucida are san-serif fonts.  By choosing a sans-serif, you’re letting people know that you’re more casual, modern, and approachable.  This choice is popular for companies that target younger, trendy generations, as well as online forums.  Great examples of sans-serif branding come from Facebook, Target, and Adidas.


The Extras

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect font for your needs, it’s time to consider the extras.  With added elements such as bold, italics, and color choice, you can alter the tone of your message.  A great example is the famous CAPS.  Although some people prefer to type in all caps, some consider caps a STERN METHOD OF COMMUNICATION allowing the words to draw added attention. 

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For more helpful hints, NH printers, such as The Print Shop have you covered.  For years we’ve been helping businesses and individuals successfully get the message they intend to who they intend. Stop by our downtown Nashua location today or give us a call at (603) 880-4519.