Does Font Selection Really Matter?

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As one of the premier printers in NH, The Print Factory has seen its share of questions and challenges.  One of the greatest, and most frequent, obstacles we’ve seen from business owners is around font selection.  When trying to promote or create a piece of artwork, choosing the incorrect font can be devastating to your […]

Effective Print Media

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  While print media is still an active form of advertising, it is crucial that you understand ways to make it work for you. Rather than working on a whim, the paper advertisement has reached a point where it takes planning and understanding of every form of media that could be part of your advertising […]

Why Print is Not Dead

There has been a growing argument in recent years about the longevity of the printing business and how printers in NH will fair as the digital era continues to grow. The Print Factory acknowledges our change in technology because it’s impossible to ignore, but we don’t believe print is dead or dying. There are many […]