The skinny on offset printing…

There are many different types of printing, but offset printing is the most popular, holding 40% of all print jobs. There are three cylinders used to print using this technique. The first is mounted with a printing plate, and the image written with the right side facing up. At this point, ink is applied to the first cylinder, which then transfers the image onto a rubber blanket second cylinder. This would then make the image ‘mirror’, or reversed. Finally, the image is transferred onto the third cylinder from the rubber blanket of the second cylinder. Although this process sounds pretty complex, it’s just another day at work for the team at the print shop in NH, known as The Print Factory!

The two types of offset presses:

1. The web fed offset printing press prints on a continuous roll of paper after which is cut to length.

2. The Sheetfed offset printing press takes more time, as this press prints individual sheets that are fed into it one at a time.

The initial cost of startup is rather expensive for offset printing. However, once you get past this stage offset printing is relatively inexpensive. However, there are a lot of things that need to be learned about offset printing including the design of artwork and how to actually operate the press. The most popular use for offset printing is textbooks. This is followed by regular books and periodicals. Offset printing is a large part of our society. It is used greatly in printing consumer goods. Without it we would be lost, but it is something that we never given thought to. It has been the offset printing press that started newspapers. For a print shop in NH, it has been a way of life. A lot of history has come and gone thanks to offset printing.

The Print Factory, located at 15 Factory St. in Nashua New Hampshire, is the print shop in NH to go to when you need any type of printing job taking care of quickly and professionally. Why beat yourself up mentally, when you don’t know exactly what you want your project to look like? Visit the staff here at the Print Factory, and will gladly sit down with you and discuss your ideas so that we may come up with something that you’ll absolutely love. Our passion is printing, in our design team has an excellent way of putting ink to paper. If you give us a few ideas, I’m sure we can come up with something that you will like. John Chasse, president and owner of the Print Factory has been in the printing industry since 1982. Many businesses in the Nashua New Hampshire area go to John because they know they will receive prompt, courteous attention and he is very detail orientated. If you are planning a wedding, printing a financial report for your business, or have any other printing needs, for a print shop in NH, the team to call is the Print Factory at 603-880-4519.

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