Three Binding Techniques from Your NH Print Shop

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If you’ve ever had the task of preparing a presentation, you know that content is only the beginning.  Once you’re finished researching, preparing, writing, and editing, the fun truly begins.  That is when your NH print shop, The Print Factory, should be on speed dial.  Whether your document is ten pages or one thousand, we have the expertise to help you choose the best binding technique.  Below is a brief overview of the most common methods of binding and which applications they are best suited.

Coil Binding

Coil binding is one of the most popular methods of binding.  Often referred to as spiral binding, this method is not only versatile but durable as well.  One of the most significant benefits of coil binding is the ability for your document to lay flat on a surface, or be folded outward, cover to cover, for secure handling. 

Although the standard coil length is 12 inches, the forming process allows this type of binding to be created in almost any length.  Furthermore, with a wide variety of colors available, coil binding can be used in nearly every application.

Comb Binding

Similar to the coil technique, comb binding has several of the same features.  However, instead of several spirals, comb binding has more of a tooth look.  Using a specialized machine, pre-punched paper is inserted into the machine where the binding is first stretched then closed. 

Like coil binding, there are variations in the available sizes.  However, comb binding does not provide the luxury of “any size.” Matching the spine diameter with the number of pages in the document is imperative to proper closure and document security.  Once closed, comb binding does not reopen, eliminating the ability to make changes to the book.  Another difference is that the document can only lay flat, not fold. 

Velo Binding

One of the most permanent types of binding methods is velo binding.  Sometimes referred to as strip binding, velo binding is often used for finishing hard covered books.  The process involves inserting a plastic strip into tiny holds along the unbound spine of the book or document.  From there, the book is placed into a binding machine that melts the plastic to form the bind.

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For more information on which binding method is best for your needs, contact the team at The Print Factory.  As a premier print shop in NH, our team has the experience, expertise, and knowledge to handle any job of any size.  Stop by today or contact us at (603) 880-4519.