NH Printing: Exploring CMYK

When it comes to professional printing in NH, The Print Factory is one of the most experienced teams around. With experience comes expertise and skill. And, if you’re familiar with the printing process, you already know that expertise is a must-have item on the checklist. Without it, the printed result of your project may look completely different than it appeared on the screen. But why is this?

The short answer is that screens use RGB light to display color. Printers use CYMK to create breath-taking, high-definition results.



RGB is the shortened version of Red, Green, Blue. Used for digital displays, RGB blends the colors with white light. By creating white light, displays can reproduce an even broader range of colors. Thus, the user has an endless supply of shades and hues at their fingertips. However, bringing the brilliance of your screen onto paper is another story.



Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black are the colors used in offset printing. Also referred to as subtractive mixing or full color printing, this combination begins with white, adding layers of color to achieve the desired result. So, while the addition of white to RGB creates white, the addition of color in CMYK printing creates black. Two very different techniques with opposite results.

With this basic understanding, you can understand why CMYK is the standard within the printing industry. CMY provides a much more significant range of printable colors than RGB. The K is added to further incorporate a deeper range of shades within the color spectrum.


Converting files from RGB to CMYK

The good news is that most programs have the ability to convert RGB files to CMYK. Understanding this process and handling the conversion on your own allows maximum control over the result. Often, the color conversion creates discrepancies in the artwork that the creator notices immediately. When given to a professional printer to handle the conversion, these changes may not be as noticeable.


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