Printing in NH: Making Your Business Card Stand Out.

Your business card is an essential part of advertising yourself and your business. A good business card should serve as an extension of your brand and convey information about who you are and what you do in a meaningful and powerful way. That is where we step in. The Print Factory wants to help you create the perfect business card that will captivate clients and pull them in with interest. With that, here is our list of things that will make your business cards stand out. 


Let’s start with the essentials.

There are a handful of things that every business card needs to have. 

  • Logo and tagline


Business cards need to have something that will make potential customers want to learn more about your company. Make your logo pop and make a short and catchy tagline to go with it.


  • Name and Job Title


Introduce yourself without even needing to say a word. Your business card should do just that. Put the name that you use for yourself in addition to what spot you hold in your business, whether it be a manager or simply an entrepreneur. 


  • Contact Information
  • Your Website
  • Skills 
  • Social media accounts (for your business)
  • White Space


One of the most overlooked elements of a business card is the white space. This usually means the amount of blank space on your card. Remember that business cards come with two sides when making your card, so don’t be afraid to use them. Many people will not take you seriously if your business card is cluttered and hard to read when it comes to marketing your business. 


One of the most important steps to making a business card is to get creative. People will remember you if your business card looks neat and not something anyone could have made in five minutes or less. You must remember that your card is a selling point, whether you may know it or not. It is a reflection of yourself and who you are as a business owner. Don’t be scared to put a fun graphic on or a bold color that will make it pop more. 


Printing Made Affordable

For nearly 40 years, The Print Factory has been providing affordable printing in NH. In addition to business cards, we offer services in sales material, general business essentials, and correspondence letters and reports. 


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