4 Fun Facts About NH Printing

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The history of writing dates back thousands of years. With beginnings in hieroglyphics to today’s advanced coding language, there is no shortage to the imagination. However, with so many advances and findings, it’s often easy to overlook some of the most interesting aspects of the industry. As experts in NH printing, we’re taking a moment to provide you with a few of these fun facts.

Sure, there are many more. But for a short read – we hope you find these as interesting as we do!

Gutenberg didn’t invent the printing press.

Yes, contrary to popular belief, Johannes Gutenberg is not the maker of the printing press. If you check out the history books, the story goes that Gutenberg’s printing press was invented around 500 years ago. Yet, there is evidence that the first movable printing press was created in China nearly 200 years earlier. No matter who gets the credit, we can’t deny the importance of this invention and its impact on the industry.

Printer ink ranks in the top 10 expensive liquids worldwide.

If you own a printer, this one may not come as too much of a surprise. Black printer ink ranks 8th out of the 10 most expensive liquids in the world. Coming in at $2,700 per gallon, black ink makes the list with items like scorpion venom, Chanel No. 5, and insulin.

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The modern day printing press is called the digital press.

The digital press differs in that it requires no printing plates. Eliminating the plates allows for quicker turnaround times, lower costs and on-demand printing capabilities.

Woodblock printing is the earliest known form of printing.

Appearing in China before 220 AD, woodblock printing is a method of printing used on textiles. Using flat wooden blocks, artisans would carve into the wood and cover the block in ink. For each color, a new block was used. Thus, one can imagine the time and skill that went into crafting and executing such techniques.

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