How Are Your Business Cards Working? NH Printers To The Rescue!

It goes without saying that any corporation, small business, and sole proprietor needs a business card. As the go to printers in NH, you can trust us when we say that we’ve seen our share of cards. As one of the most effective marketing pieces you have, it’s crucial to put time into your business card. Think about it. Your card is often the first introduction a potential customer has when considering the services you offer. Thus, a poorly designed, low quality card can speak wonders – even if it’s not the right impression.

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Although we could go on for hours about the ‘how to’ when it comes to creating a successful business card, we’ll keep it brief. Here are four helpful tips to keep in mind when designing or redesigning your company card.

4 things to keep in mind

  • While designing a card may seem an easy task, it’s one best left to the trained eye. By consulting a graphic designer, you can be confident that the overall flow and layout of your card will speak for, and about, your company and services.
  • Beyond the designer, you always want to consider using the services of professional NH printers. As you may already know, how something appears on screen doesn’t necessarily look the same on paper. With the help of experienced printers, color correction and paper selection are a breeze.
  • If you do have a go at designing your own card, don’t forget the white space. Too many cards are so crowded and busy that they become illegible. Thus, your card is ineffective. Try avoiding fancy or elegant fonts that can be hard to read, especially in small spaces. Keep it clean and simple!
  • Along the same lines, you should be mindful of your contact information. Your business card is no place to go crazy. Instead, include your name, your company’s name and address, phone and email, and a website.

When considering NH printers and graphic design services for the ultimate business card that is sure to be noticed, contact The Print Factory. For decades, we’ve helped thousands of businesses in the greater Nashua area get noticed. Remember, your business card could be the determining factor for a sale. It is an investment, not a cost.

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