Types Of Business Cards To Choose From

printers in NHAh, the business card. The one thing that will forever continue to be a part of the business world, and for a good reason. These allow people to look back and remember you and your company while showing them how to contact you, should they need to. The important thing to remember is there is no special way for printers in NH to create a business card. However, there are a few standard business card formats to choose. Designer Daily lists the top five that you can typically choose from, but that is not all there is – trust us!

The classics

Everyone is familiar with the traditional business card. It usually has the company name, the contact individual’s name, and, if you want to be fancy, you can place a logo on the back. Typically, if there is a logo, the logo matches the size of the business card. Many companies utilize this format.

The creatives

These will typically have something that breaks it away from the traditional. Whether it is bigger and more like a brochure or smaller, these business cards will still make sure to have all of the essential information that is needed. However, these can provide room for fun designs. If you have a quirky store, you can make it match the quirky feel. These can also include the “gadgets” where the individual can turn the card into something fun like a chair or a piano as in the article. There is also the social business card, which is simple and leaves the phone number out of the equation.

The Typographic 

These allow you to play a little bit more with the text and the graphics. They work well for two-sided business cards and let you find fun ways to bring in color, lines, and the logo. This one allows for some creativity while creating a sleek look and an attention-grabbing card.

The creativity behind the business card doesn’t end with these three ideas, though. There are millions of business card designs that many individuals have gone above and beyond to plan. Bored Panda has a list of 30 different creative designs. Some of these are some of the most innovative designs and are amazing. There is one that is an actual working cheese grater!


The business card is a further defining factor of your business. Through innovative advertisement, your company will remain in the homes and wallets of the individuals that consider your services or have used them in the past. It is important that the business card you have represents the business as well as the feel you want to give off. Should you miss the mark with the business card, as with the flyer, it can be a bit complicated to get those customers to understand what you offer. Remember many business cards, even if they have cool features, are still relatively straightforward. Remember the white space, and contact your friendly neighborhood printers in NH at The Print Factory.