Evolution of Paper

Paper today is a blend of new and recycled fibers. This is drastically different than what humans started off writing with years ago. Without the experimentation from men like T’sai Lun, we would not be able to create the paper that we have today for all of your printing services in Nashua, NH, and would likely still be scribbling on stones.


The earliest record of a paper-like material used was by the Ancient Egyptians. This paper, called papyrus, was made from the papyrus plant. The Ancient Egyptians used the papyrus plant similar to how we utilize traditional fibers today. They would soften the plant’s stem in the Nile, then layer them to form a sheet. This sheet would then be pounded with hammers and left to dry. When dried, the lightweight material became one of the first writing mediums.

Silk Cloth

Another option was silk fabric, which originated in China. Mainly found in Lao Tzu texts in one of the tombs from the Han Dynasty, silk was gathered from the silkworm. The cloth was lightweight. While typically used for clothing, it was occasionally used to record messages.

Parchment Paper

Europeans used papyrus for a while before parchment paper rose to fame. Animal skin, mostly sheep, was used for parchment paper, making it expensive. Typically used to make Bibles, the amount of parchment paper used to make one Bible could contain the skin of at least 300 sheep. Using parchment paper was more forgiving because when scraped with a knife, the ink could be removed.

Recycled Cotton and Linen

Recycled cotton and linen pieces were also commonly used as paper in Europe. The new paper production developed the trading of rags as they worked to create documents. The process to make this was similar to what was started in China decades before by T’sui Lan, who had used plant fibers to create writing paper.

Nicholas Luis Robert and the Fourdrinier Brothers

The late 18th century brought the need for mass paper production. Nicholas Luis Robert was the first to create a machine with wire mesh and rollers at one end to create “perfect” sheets of paper. With the help of the Fourdrinier Brothers, who developed the device and marketed their work, the engine became the go-to way to create what we know as paper today.

With the inventions of Robert and the Fourdrinier Brothers, printing services in Nashua, NH have become much more straightforward.

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