Business Card Tips from a Printer in New Hampshire

In this era of technology, it seems like you can do everything online. You can pay bills, attend meetings, sign contracts, even meet people. Business cards and professional networking, however, require a personal touch you can’t replicate through a screen. We at The Print Factory, a premier printer in New Hampshire, can help you make sure you put your best foot forward when it comes to your business cards.

1. Be Memorable

Business today is still about who you know. That being said, making a memorable first impression can make a lasting impact on your professional relationship with someone, and your career as a whole. Texting your name to a potential employer or business partner is impersonal and could quickly be forgotten, but shaking a hand, making eye contact, and handing someone your business card will leave an impression. As a top printer in New Hampshire, you can be sure The Print Factory will provide you with professional business cards that will showcase who you are.

2. Your Card Is An Extension of You

Business cards are also an extension of your company, not just of yourself. Since you could come across a business opportunity at any time, a business card is a uniform, professional way of conveying yourself and your brand, even when you don’t look the part. That being said, it’s important that your card reflect your company and yourself well. Make sure it’s professionally printed, of high quality, and unique. Handing over a unique business card also shows you are prepared and ready to do business – letting people know you take them, and your work, seriously.

3. Build Your Network

Business cards also allow your contacts to get in touch and follow up with you. Contacts can also share your details with other people. For example, you are a professional landscaper, and you landscape the front lawn of a lawyer’s office. Say one of their clients likes your work and would like to hire you. The lawyer can hand over the business card that you gave her, and you have extended your network.


It’s easy to be wrapped up in technology and  shortcut many of life’s tasks. But it’s important to think of the implications of printed business cards. Call us at 603-880-4519 to see how printers in New Hampshire can help you achieve your business goals.