Does Color Printing Really Make a Difference?

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When you have a print job in the works, you have a lot of choices to make. Paper size and weight, how many copies you need, and the exact images and text all make a difference in the performance of your ads and other print materials. But there is also another even more important decision: black and white or color? Printing in large quantities is expensive, so it is tempting to save some money by printing in black and white. But when it comes to printing services in Nashua, NH, we at The Print Factory know how much of a difference color printing makes.

Here are the benefits of using color printing services in Nashua, NH, for your next print project.


Catch the Eye and Show Off Your Products

The main goal of print advertising is to catch potential customers’ eyes and get them interested in your product or service. And the best way to do that is with color. If you are sending out flyers through the mail, bold colors will make it stand out from the stack of plain envelopes and other boring mail people receive. Color printing is also the best way to show off your products. If you are a restaurant owner, full-color photos of your food are much more appetizing than a simple black and white menu.


Color Increases Interest in Your Product

Color makes your brand stick in your potential customers’ minds, and the research backs this up.  Bold, bright color grabs people’s attention and interest, and they will remember you better. When they require your exact product or service in the future, your ad will stick in their mind, and they are more likely to come to you rather than one of your competitors.


Color Is Not Much More Expensive Than Black and White

The reason businesses often choose to forgo color printing is the cost. Printing technology has vastly improved in recent years, making the cost difference between black and white and color much less than it used to be. Color still costs more than black and white, but not so much to be prohibitive anymore.


The Print Factory: Printing Services in Nashua, NH

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