Are You Looking For Quality Printing in NH?

Whether you are looking to have business cards, wedding invitations, quarterly reports or anything else printed, the first stop is The Print Factory, at 15 Factory St. You will find our team ready to assist you with all of your printing needs!

Interestingly enough, there are many different techniques in the printing industry, and two are head to head. Some are die-hard supporters of the ‘offset press’, while others are convinced that digital printing is the wave of the future. A large number of commercial printers are seeing the advantage of having both processes in their establishments. Known as hybrid printers, these shops use both types of technology, providing the very best results to their customers, allowing them the flexibility and cost efficiency to grow their bottom line.

Many industry leaders feel that one should not prevail over the other. Instead, choose a hybrid method where you have both processes. They complement each other. The Print Factory is one such print shop in NH.

Keys to Growth

Most shop owners feel that having both digital and offset capabilities are key to our growth, We are finding more and more clients utilizing both offset and digital capabilities, and often using both digital and offset on the same job. But we know that as time goes on, the industry will move more and more toward digital as customers are relying more on data-driven communication. It is doubtful that offset print will ever go away, but more likely that digital and offset will merge to form a hybrid press that combines both technologies, which we already are experiencing.

Having the ability to not only offer offset printing, but digital, as well, allows the print shop to be more creative with a clients marketing campaign. Flyers, direct mailings, and much more print media can be offered at reasonable cost. The creative team at The Print Factory can make your print ideas come alive, as well as offer you some ideas they have. In this, a commercial client does not have to deal with 5 different vendors. Having the diversity of digital and offset printing allows clients to differentiate themselves, and stand out. Also, with digital, we can produce personal signage and banners.

Offset presses can be used to print on paper, board, foil, plastic, flute, vinyl, and styrene, with UV and other special effects. The digital presses are used for variable work, such as Quick Response (QR) codes, and URL mailings, as well as marketing materials and guides and short-run work. Whichever process you choose, the team at The Print Factory can address all your printing needs in NH. Give us a call at 603-880-4519, or click here for more info.