How print marketing can boost your career

Printing in NHYou are in the throes of your challenging career. You are where you are now and you are always on the hunt for some upward mobility or even a lateral move. What you need to think about is approaching your career from and entrepreneurial standpoint. You are your own company. You need to create brand awareness for yourself as much as any other business owner needs to. This is where your local printer and printing professional can be a huge advantage to your career.

  • Sure, you have your resume properly updated in some rather boring format. Why not add some colorful art or even a personal logo? What about putting it in the form of an infographic? This is where your local printer can be a great resource. They can work with you to find the right design, color and layout that will allow your resume to stand out from the proverbial crowd.
  • Do you have personal business cards? Why not? They are the foremost weapon you have in your personal marketing arsenal. Work with your printer to secure the right fonts and designs that will show you in your best light. Make sure all of your basic contact information is on them especially cell phone and email and even your personal website.
  • You can design your own personal presentation folder with all of your info from resume to personal items. The main thing about incorporating printed presentations and branding into your career is that you will be remembered. Your professionalism will not go unnoticed.
  • Using print marketing and integrating it with all of your branding efforts is a natural fit. Your versatility will out shine any of your potential competitors and it all blends well with your own website, blog and social media sites.