Explaining Thermography

The Print Factory offers a number of printing services in Nashua, NH, to suit our clients and their growing needs. As printing technology continues to grow, we’re able to accommodate these changes and create even more exciting printing material, but there are a number of services that have been around for years and are still extremely popular, such as thermography. We get questions all the time about how thermography is different than some of our other printing processes, and we would like to explain a little more about it.

What is thermography? Created in the early 20th century as a more cost-effective option to engraving, thermography is a three-dimensional printing effect that gives a finished look of engraving created with a wet-ink printing press without actually carving into the paper material. Using a powder application and heating process, the materials are built upon one another to be raised off of the page. This expensive look is achievePrinting in NHd is still often a more affordable price than engraving or similar printing uses.

Thermography is a common choice made in invitations, announcements, holiday cards, and other similar prints with particularly intricate fonts and other designs. Dependent on your printing shop, they can often offer thermography in a variety of color options that will match your style or theme. It’s also important to find a typeset that will work well with this style of print and can be legible to those who will be receiving it.

Thermography is a great option for weddings, baby showers, and other important events where you wish to commemorate the moment with a beautiful invitation. If you’re interested in thermography for your next printing services in Nashua, NH, give us a call at The Print Factory at (603) 880-1945. Our experts will be able to help you determine if this process will work well for you and your budget.