3 Creative Ways to Use Print Marketing This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is here, and businesses of all sizes are ramping up their marketing efforts to pull in holiday shoppers. While a lot of marketing happens online these days, you can’t underestimate the power of print advertising. It’s easy to scroll past a social media ad or delete an email. A printed flyer is something that you have to hold in your hand before you decide to read it or toss it. Great printing services in Nashua, NH, can help create marketing materials your potential customers will want to engage with.


Here are three creative ways to get more out of your printed marketing materials this holiday season.


Make It Personal

To encourage your previous customers to shop with you again, send out personalized greeting cards. Thank them for their business throughout the year and offer a special discount or offer. Include a holiday gift guide and highlight products from different price points or that appeal to various demographics. Giving your customers an incentive to shop with you plus a gift idea is a winning combination that will get them into your store.


Get Interactive

The more a potential customer interacts with your materials, the more likely they are to seriously consider your offers. Send out mailers that include pop-up cards, scratch-off promotions, or fold-out posters. You can include QR codes that take customers to your social media pages or special URLs with unique discounts. If a customer spends a little extra time interacting with your marketing materials, they are more likely to remember you when they’re ready to do their holiday shopping.


Partner Up

Shoppers who like to patronize local businesses are always looking for more stores to check out. So why not partner up with another nearby business and give your customers even more deals? Offer customers a discount at your store and a coupon to redeem somewhere else, either for another discount or a special gift. The business you partner with can do the same thing, and you can both benefit from the additional customers.


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