Make Your Holiday Flyers Stand Out

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The last few weeks before the holidays are important for nearly all stores and businesses. Business owners are doing all they can to put their sales and offers in front of potential customers to drive them into their stores. To that end, many businesses still use printed flyers. It’s true that much of marketing is digital now, but it’s easy to delete an email without opening it or scroll by an ad without looking at it. However, when something physically turns up in your mailbox, you have to look at it and hold it in your hand. But how do you catch potential customers’ eyes and keep them from putting your flyer straight in the trash? As printers in NH, our team at The Print Factory has some suggestions.


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Use Holiday Colors

While you should normally use your company colors in your marketing materials for brand recognition, switching it up for the holidays can draw more customers. Green, red, and white will associate your store with the season and encourage customers to include you in your holiday traditions. What’s more, red is the color that best attracts attention.


Less Is More

We’ve all heard designs described as “busy.” This means that there is too much going on which distracts from your message. Choose two or three colors to use in your design and print the most important information in large type. If you want to emphasize your major markdowns, “50% off” should be front and center. Does the sale only go for a few days? Make the dates central to the design.


Use Photos

People love pictures. If your customers can visualize what they will get from patronizing your business, whether it’s a product or service, they will be more likely to stop in. If your product is primarily food, pictures are much more effective than words. Pictures are also great for salons or beauty products. When customers can see the effects of coming to you or using your product they will be more willing to try it.


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