Step Up Your Print Job with Lamination

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There’s a lot more to printing in NH than just putting ink on paper. We also have additional services we can provide depending on what you need your print job for. One of those services is lamination. Laminating pages involves encasing them in a protective layer of plastic film. There are several advantages to laminating certain print jobs, and you can do it right here at The Print Factory!


Here are just a few reasons why you should step up your print job with lamination.


Protect from Wear, Tear, and Fading

The reason most people opt for lamination is to make the printed page last longer. Often, you want to laminate a page that you are going to use as signage. For example, if you own a store and you need to post information on your door for your customers, you don’t want to have to replace the sign every few days. By laminating it, you can protect it from wear and tear and fading from the sunshine.


Save Money in the Long Run

Because you can protect your print job from wear, tear, and fading by laminating, you’ll also save yourself some money in the long run. Even simple printing costs add up over time, so spending a little extra to laminate your pages now will save you from having to reprint them over and over again. When you laminate your posters or signs, they can last for years before you need to reprint them.


Get a More Professional Look

Going back to hanging a sign for your store, you want it to look clean and professional. Lamination adds a nice, clean layer of plastic so that your printed items look more professional. Just the fact that you took an extra step lets your customers know that you care about how you present yourself to them. The layer of lamination also makes it possible to clean your printed items if something spills on them or they get dirty and grimy.


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