Print shop in NH V. ‘Mista .com’

  In today’s economy, people are looking to get the most for their dollar. At a small print shop in NH, you get every penny’s worth. At the Print Factory, John Chasse, President, is often asked “What’s the difference between you and ‘Mista .com’ print company?” The answer is quite simple.  Mista .com doesn’t care about you. He just wants your money, for a basic service.  He give you a number, the local shop uses your name!

  Overall service from the small, local print company is better for many reasons. When you sit down at your computer to order business cards, letterhead, envelopes etc. from him, the long journey begins. Just ordering a set of simple business cards is a task. Although the initial pricing he gives you is inviting, you are limited to the graphics, colors, and typeset that he offers, and with any deviation, the cost goes up. If you don’t like the logo selection you have to choose from, and want to change it, that’s more money also. With the .com printing company, you are limited to his ‘cookie-cutter’ layouts and there is no freedom for creativity.

  Have you ever tried to purchase from that big .com printer? When you try to check out and complete your sale, he bombards you with ‘upsells’ and you spend 5 min. clicking out of them. If I wanted letterhead, stickers, rubber stamps, articles of clothing, magnets, pens, promotional items, etc, I’d ASK him for them! You should be given or offered only what you are asking for.

  Next, you receive your printed items, and you have a question on your invoice… Customer service should be easy enough to reach, RIGHT! Good luck with that. Large ‘warehouse printers’ do not have the customer support and service that a local printer does. IF you do get a human, are they in the United States?

  Finally, when you spend your hard earned money with a big .com company, where does your money go? Into his big corporate office in New York or Chicago!

   When you do business with a local printer, you get personalized service. You can call, and immediately speak with a person. You keep money in your community… Also, with a local printer, there is a wider range of creativity with your products, which represent you and your company. You want a different color? Same price… You want a different logo? Same price… How about a different font? You guessed it, same price! With The Print Factory, located at 15 Factory St. in Nashua, NH., you get ALL THAT and more! You will always get a friendly voice on the phone, or a smiling face when you enter. There is never an ‘upsell’, and the creative team works for YOU. When you do business with us, you will leave satisfied, knowing that a team of professionals genuinely cares about how your print job turns out. John Chasse is a perfectionist, and does NOT stand for second rate work in his shop, and neither does his staff! So, if you want a stress free transaction with a professional print shop, look to The Print factory, your first stop for printing in NH. We can be reached at 603-880-4519