Need to ‘Put ink to Paper’?

Commercial printing in the United States has come a long way since the late 1800’s, when the printing presses began using. Moveable type printing was invented in 1439. Invented by Johannes Gutenburg, of Germany, he was a German blacksmith, goldsmith, printer and publisher. Mr. Gutenburg was light years ahead of his time!

While he gets most of the credit in the history books, William A. Lavelette, a lesser-known Black American inventor, patented a printing press in 1878 which greatly improved on the quality of printing. Until his innovations, the emphasis among printers was on high volume at the sacrifice of quality and readability. His printing press was more efficient and produced more legible printing than earlier presses.

Today, we have printers, such as ‘The Print Factory’, a commercial printing company in Nashua, NH have been printing in crisp, clean color and making photos and text ‘pop’ with vibrancy. At The Print Factory, we can make any flyer, advertisement banner, wedding invitation or even a restaurant menu eye catching! Wey will gladly take your idea, throw in a creative spin, and show you various technique, design, and paper stock to assist you in making your decisions. We have a keen eye for quality and detail, and the owner, John Chasse insists on providing the best customer service possible. The Print Factory is the ONLY print shop in New Hampshire capable of ‘in house’ thermography printing, and they take great pride in the artwork that goes into that process.

For business-minded people, we print sales materials including leaflets, flyers, business cards and more, also printing your “End-of-the-year” or quarterly reports and binding them. If it is “ink to paper” our professionals here at The Print Factory can handle it! Located at 15 Factory Street, we are the go to print shop in NH! Call us for all of your next printing needs, including a free quote! You will be glad you did.