5 Characteristics of a Great Flyer

Flyers may no longer be the most popular NH printing option for businesses or as a form of advertisement, but that doesn’t mean they are not used frequently. There are plenty of reasons to use effective flyers for your business or promotional events, and The Print Factory knows some of the most important characteristics of designing a flyer to attract and maintain the attention of your audience.


Overwhelming a passerby often only results in a quick glance before turning away. Both wording and design should be exciting enough to attract attention, but should also be plain enough to easily read and quickly recognize what the subject matter is about.

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Smart use of white space.

Just as your wording shouldn’t be too complex, you shouldn’t have too much text within a flyer. White space aids in helping direct the eyes to the most important information. Furthermore, it keeps the text from overpowering the flyer and making it difficult to read.


There are so many interesting fonts to scroll through, but flyers are the wrong time to consider using your favorite abstract Wingding typeface. Flyers should be easily seen and read from a short distance with a font that coincides with the message being presented. Check out our previous article on why font selection matters.

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No spelling or grammatical errors.

Once an obvious spelling or grammatical mistake is made, it’s often hard for a potential client or customer to forget. Errors are not only distracting, but they send a negative message about your integrity and subject expertise because the attention to detail is lacking.

Quality printing materials.

Nothing says you ran out of time or this flyer wasn’t your top priority like faded ink or crumpled paper. Taking the time to find a printing shop in NH that will print your flyers without flaw is important to attracting people to take action.

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If you’ve been thinking about your NH printing options, it’s time to contact our team at The Print Factory. Not only can we help you create a flyer that is affordable and effective for your intended audience, but we can also help you with nearly all of your other printing needs.

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